Our Story


A bit about how The Bread Pan was born...

I have been baking and cooking since over two decades. My mother wanted me to become a doctor, but having seen me fainted while dissecting a poor frog, she allowed me to pursue my studies in home economics! My baking journey started with a cooking book I purchased from a book fair held at my school and as in most cases, I baked for my friends and family in the beginning. It was their appreciation that led me to continue to learn about the baking.

Though I am mostly self-taught, but I have also completed a short course from Cookery School at The Portland, which helped me polish my skills further.

I have been the consultant for Esquires Coffee for almost 3 years and developed several bakery items and desserts for them, but I have now decided to resume my old homebased business which I had to sadly shut a few years ago due to my foot surgery.

May I also mention that I made it to the shortlisted candidates for The Great British Bake Off in 2019.

My journey to learn and create continues.....